Insurance Subrogation – Steven D. Gertler & Associates, Ltd. provides legal services to a diverse population in the insurance industry, including virtually every major domestic property and casualty insurance company and a host of insurance industry service organizations. We have represented clients in state and federal courts of Illinois.

We represent some of the largest and prestigious insurance companies in Illinois.

Insurance Intercompany Arbitration – Steven D. Gertler & Associates, Ltd. represents several insurance companies in all arenas of claims recovery, including intercompany arbitration. We can assist your existing in-house intercompany staff, as well as follow-up with recovery efforts through litigation.

Installment Loan Collections
Credit Card Delinquency
Student Loan Collections
Consumer Collections
Commercial/Business Collections
Commercial Litigation
Medical and Professional Collections

Contracts between individuals or businesses need not always be in writing and almost always deal with matters involving the purchase, sale, delivery or provision of real estate, goods or services. Contracts can be breached, intentionally or not, by either party. A breach of contract can occur when either party fails to provide the agreed goods or services, or fails to timely pay for the agreed goods or services. Since many contracts contain provisions for penalties in the event of a breach, it is very important that you thoroughly review the contract before signing it as almost all contracts between two or more consenting parties will be enforced in court.

Our firm does not just send out demand letters to debtor’s last known address, we utilize extensive “skiptrace” and background searches to find the debtor’s (i.e. work information, family members, relatives, and neighbors). We then use this information we find to collect full payment on your accounts.

Procedure of collection – Our team of attorneys review all accounts that contain all of the agreements and documents of the parties. We advise our client as to prospects of success and suggest steps to maximize recovery or minimize liability. Also, when available we will negotiate amicable settlement and minimize legal expenses.

Results – The results and/or recoveries in individual cases are based on the facts and circumstances of that case. Past results and recoveries achieved in similar cases are not an indication of the type of result or recovery that may be reached in your case. Nothing stated herein is nor should be construed as a guarantee of recovery or of a result for your particular case.

We concentrate in the following areas:

  • Personal Injury
  • Workers Compensation
  • Wrongful Death Litigation
  • Insurance Subrogation
  • Insurance Intercompany Arbitration
  • Installment Loan Collections
  • Medical Collections
  • Credit Card Delinquency
  • Student Loan Collections
  • Consumer Collections
  • Commercial/Business Collections
  • Commercial Litigation

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